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ͧ Ŵͤ Ū boot

: 0549
The Perfect MAX

The Perfect MAX ѺŴͤ⿹ iPhone X/Xs/Xr/Max ͧ͡
Ҥһ 950 450
: 0548
DIY Frame

DIY ͺ🖼Ẻѹա 💰
Ҥ 259
: 0547
Octoplus Huawei Tool Dongle

Ŵͤ Ŵ FRP Ŵ͢ Huawei 2017,2018
Ҥһ 3,550 3,150

Ǵ: ءҧǡѺ ⿹

Թ: WL 6 IN 1 Apple chip + hard disk 4S,5,5C,5S
Թ: 0459
ҧɳ :

WL 6 IN 1 Apple chip + hard disk 4S,5,5C,5S

WL TOOL 6 in 1 ??

ͧ͵ Ѻ⿹ ö ͧҡ error -1,3,6,16,47,48,1669

4S / 5 / 5S / 5C ö ҹ¹ 
ա˹ǹӤѭ ö ¹ SN  

ŢШͧ ͧѺṹ ˭
4 / 4S / 5 / 5C / IPAD 1 / IPAD nano 2 / IPAD 3 / IPAD 4 / IPAD MINI1
ѧöŴͤͤ ᾴ
 IPAD 1 / IPAD nano 2 / IPAD 3 / IPAD 4 / IPAD MINI1

for 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C chip to read, write, repair -1,3,6,16,47,48,1669 error function.
Suite 1530 Suite 1528 change, 5C kit change 5S kit.
Change 4 / 4S / 5 / 5C / IPAD 1 / IPAD nano 2 / IPAD 3 / IPAD 4 / IPAD MINI1 hard SN function.
Support large / small chip to read and erase data support large / small hard disk

Chip failure can cause no signal can not take pictures.
After ACT repair chip automatically increased 3G / 4G signal functions.
Real-time data chip cloud data backup, to facilitate future viewing or use.

Product Description
WL- high precision 4-4S-5-5C-5S chip + Hard programmer test frame (6-one), long 310mm * 185mm pure road alloy build, thin 12MM thick super deluxe Gold Edition of the design, code roplat Bandung using self-developed universal chip humpback, the world's first top technology, supports any removal and replacement, matching high-quality anti-corrosion, high temperature, high-precision imported needle plate, 12-pin perfect start programming! On the basis of the excellent performance of the previous generation, using the mainstream CH341A chip and super large master regulator chip, read and write the code sheet is more stable, without losing any data! Dedicated to the full range of Apple chip to read and write, to avoid demolition, no fly line, without welding, built-in configuration self-developed chips instrument repair software, adding more powerful healing capabilities, user-friendly design, fool-style interface.
Instrument functions Instrument Accessories Instruments price instrument warranty technical support
Instrument functions
WL- high precision 4-4S-5-5C-5S chip + Hard programmer test stand (Six), is a mobile maintenance history of the most powerful, most complete and most worthy of your own intelligent high maintenance instrument, is WL Wan Longxin Apple technology companies accumulation and crystallization of the wisdom of 15 years, is currently one of the company's flagship product, he's powerful and prominent advantages are: 

1, in a key reader chip IMEI number, chip file has no ID Lock, is available, a check at a glance.

2, a key detection chip type and capacity size, do not have to select the model, capacity and worry, simplifying work steps.

3, a key query drive serial number, IMEI code, area code, model, motherboard information, motherboard hardware information.

4, a key writes hard drive serial number, area number, model number, you can write a single board information, color. 

5, a key mode, and a small hard drive 3.2 3.1 mode key large hard drive, you can enter the perfect purple screen mode. 

6, a key to refresh all the available serial ports, you can enter any commands sent to the hard disk, the operation more convenient.

7, in edit mode, the chip can be freely modified file, the error can chip and write the correct file modification chips. 

8, chip data do file split and file merge process. 

9, read and write performance enhancements, speed boost, voltage is more stable, thoroughly improve the reading and writing of incomplete phenomenon. 

10, to avoid demolition chip reader, backup. Change kit (baseband CPU + chip) chip data before backup, if the chip removed the bad data can be backed up to write new code sheet. 

11, there is a lock ID, write, lock-chip data after erasable empty. Can free-for-chips, data can be as long as the pair baseband CPU.

12, solve, solve the problem because the chip brush the question of error baseband error 1669,3,6 etc., may also get a new chip to backup data written.

13, read and write performance enhancements, speed boost, more stable voltage and current, radical improvement of literacy incomplete phenomenon. 

14, networking serial number, serial number inquiry cell phone information, providing official website ID lock query.

Note: This device is a read-write chip tools, solve the problem because the chip brush being given problem, not a solution ID of the main tools, is to play a supporting role, please do not misunderstand. Goods are mobile phone repair master use, hand weak, non-mobile maintenance personnel, carefully shot! About redemption or purchase details, please visit Bandung mall.


ѺԹ 1-2 ѻ
աѺ SUpport 

駡͹ҹ Wl 6 in 1 

䢻ѭҡ÷ӧҹҧͧҹǡѺͧ ICloud !!!!

0459 WL 6 IN 1 Apple chip + hard disk 4S,5,5C,5S19500.0017500.0057

WL 64 Bit hard write SN / ءҧǡѺ ⿹
WL- Bandung PCIE test aircraft iPhone6s / 6s plus 5se pro hard disk repair instrument / ءҧǡѺ ⿹

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