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ͧ Ŵͤ Ū boot

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The Perfect MAX

The Perfect MAX ѺŴͤ⿹ iPhone X/Xs/Xr/Max ͧ͡
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DIY Frame

DIY ͺ🖼Ẻѹա 💰
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Octoplus Huawei Tool Dongle

Ŵͤ Ŵ FRP Ŵ͢ Huawei 2017,2018
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Թ: The USB Charger Tester
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The USB Charger Tester 

礡 çѹЪ Ǩͺس 
˹Ҩ LCD Ѻ¹٧

I、Product Information 
     The product is
 a precise calculation of the instrument for real-time detection of mobile phonecharging voltage, current and the capacity in the process of. Mainly used for detecting whetherthe performance indicators of mobile phone charger and data lines to meet the requirements of the charging for mobile phone. In the process of charging the charger (if abnormal output voltagegreater than 6.5V or the current is more than 3.0A), detector immediately disconnect the power supply to the mobile phone, and at the same time display and buzzer alarm. The first time the protection of mobile phone is not damaged, but also eliminates the greater security risks. Two,use 1 methods: detection instrument is connected USB port into the charger, the other end offemale mobile phone charger data access, access to power, the output voltage of the charger of no-load value display meter, other indicators are zero. When the data line is connected with themobile phone, the tester displays the output value is loaded after the charger. According to thenumerical and mobile phone of the indicators to judge the value of the difference, the charger and data lines with the mobile phone 
charging indicator.

II.Smart Button:
In the standby screen,When you hold the Smart Button;You can see the chargeing info in the LCD;Keep Hold down the smart Button;before the Memory data will be clear;(Capacity valueis accumulated per charge;The Max Data is 36000mAH).

Standby interface

Hold down smart Button 1 time,switch into the current, voltage monitoring

Hold the smart again,you can see the Current curve

in the 
Current,Hold down the Smart Button;You can enter the capacity statistics page  
the capacity statistics page,We can check the Power Bank or better actual capacity;
and if you want check the new one(bettery or power bank) you just hold the smart button 1 second 

in the next,is Temperature detection; As we know;if the charger still working in the max outputcurrent
charger will be hot,this is very 
danger,we need keep is safe;so if it >70 °C;this tool will be auto disconnect the charger and the power;

② the tool has two Language inside;when you want to change,just keep hold the samrt button
and connect it to the charger,it will switch

III.The security protection:

The Tester with overcurrent, overvoltage, high temperature protection mechanism;

When the charger (charging treasure) overvoltage (higher than 6.5V) or over current (the current output is higher than 3.0A) and high temperature (the temperature is above 70 degrees);

The instrument will automatically switch to the protection of the state and alarm;

IV.Full of alert:
 When the electronic device is fully charged, the tester will drop a hint, you have full power.

V.USB Charger Test
when you connect the load to the USB charger,you can Get the USB Charger Max Output Current
for check the Quality of the charger

VI.Important note:      

Detector USB port can also connect the computer USB charging treasure, output interface; tester USB master port can also connect to other USB devices such as U disk, digital products and so on,is connected with the charging treasure can be charged when the capacity of the largestdetection.


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