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ͧ Ŵͤ Ū boot

: 0549
The Perfect MAX

The Perfect MAX ѺŴͤ⿹ iPhone X/Xs/Xr/Max ͧ͡
Ҥһ 950 450
: 0548
DIY Frame

DIY ͺ🖼Ẻѹա 💰
Ҥ 259
: 0547
Octoplus Huawei Tool Dongle

Ŵͤ Ŵ FRP Ŵ͢ Huawei 2017,2018
Ҥһ 3,550 3,150

Ǵ: ͧػó

Թ: ZXW Dongle
Թ: 0448
ҧɳ :

ZXW Dongle


Ѻҧ ǧ Ѵ ǧ 100
ͧѺѾഷҹ Server Online 
Layout Ẻ ͡俷ͧͫ Ẻ´
շ˹͹ شʹѺ 蹵ҧ
iphone 6,Iphone 5s TD ҡçҹ
Iphone 5c /IPad/ HTC/Samsung ա ء

ӧҹѺ Dongle ͧǹ
# zxw tool 1.92 (Layout)  
# 礿Ԫ 1.4 (Schematic) ǧ 

ءҹ 1  
Ѻҡѹ ը 

Zillion x Work
ZXW phone repair drawings, ZXW Dongle
query software is written by independent ZXW team,
there is a problem in the use of the inevitable,
please use the problem and send us good advice.
We regularly extraction users, giving high-end software or high-end equipment,
so stay tuned! product release to Samsung mobile phone repair drawings and Apple mobile phone

repair drawings based,
the other brand models for reference purposes only.
We will make other latest models (eg: HTC mobile phone repair drawings) in which future work.

Zillion x Work (ZXW phone repair drawings, ZXW Dongle) is the original motherboard data query

software engineering documents as the basis for the preparation of production,
due to the motherboard in the manufacturing process will continue to improve,
there may be minor changes, but the basic principles remain unchanged Please refer engineer

discretion. Some of the hands of engineers schematics,
there will be some differences are normal,
because usually only one version of the schematic, motherboard hardware has been improved.

Please notice a difference in the time,
please put your doubts with detailed language or pictures sent to me,
the first time we checked. There is an error, we will immediately improve.

0448 ZXW Dongle3000.002700.004

BB5 Easy Service Tool / ͧѺ NOKIA
Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.43 Released:A lot of interesting things done / ǻЪѹ
Ǵǹ MXBOX Ŵͤ SL3 ء HASH / ǻЪѹ
ٹ ش Phoenix Service Software 2011 46 2 47246 / ǻЪѹ
Ѿഷ MXKEY/MXBOX v3.5 revision 1.4, Public-Release / ǻЪѹ
Ѿഷ ش 26/10/11 ATF v7.80 Update / ǻЪѹ

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