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The Perfect MAX

The Perfect MAX ѺŴͤ⿹ iPhone X/Xs/Xr/Max ͧ͡
Ҥһ 950 450
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DIY Frame

DIY ͺ🖼Ẻѹա 💰
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Octoplus Huawei Tool Dongle

Ŵͤ Ŵ FRP Ŵ͢ Huawei 2017,2018
Ҥһ 3,550 3,150

Ǵ: ǻЪѹ
ͧ: Ѿഷ ش 04/11/11 ATF v7.90 Update

ATF BOX áͧš Ŵͤͧ BB5 С Broadcom

BB5 Broadcom Unlock !! First In The World!!
Ŵͤ ͧ BB5 Broadcom áͧš

Decrypt PM 120 HASHES for ALL Broadcom BB5 Phones
öմ 120 HASHES ͧ BB5 Broadcom
Bruteforce Unlock for ALL Broadcom BB5 Phones (via ATF Server or via LBF Servers)
¡  Bruteforce Unlock GPU 㹡äӹǹ ç server ͧ ATF
Stand Alone Super Dongle Repair for ALL Broadcom BB5 Phones
ö Super Dongle ͧ BB5 Broadcom
Stand Alone SX-4 Authorize for ALL Broadcom BB5 Phones
ö SX-4 Authorize ͧ BB5 Broadcom
Full Phone Authorization via ATF Network for ALL Broadcom BB5Phones
öӡ Authorization ͧ BB5 Broadcom ATF Network
Read FULL NAND Chip Flash for ALL Broadcom BB5 Phones
öմ NAND Chip Flash ͧ BB5 Broadcom
Now The ATF Network Supports ALL BB5 CPUs Released By Nokia!!!
ѧ͹ ATF Network ͧѺ ÷ӧҹ CPU ͧͧ

Here is a List of Broadcom Based BB5 Phones:
ͧ㹵С Broadcom Based BB5 ͧѺ

C3-00 RM-614
X2-00 RM-618
X2-01 RM-709
X2-03 RM-709
X2-01.1 RM-717
2710c RM-586
7020 RM-497

************************************************** ********************************
************************************************** ********************************

1. Since NO other team can even Dream of releasing Broadcom Loaders before ATF Team, all Broadcom Phones Authorized by The ATF Network will require 5 ATF Network Credits.

*** Note that it requires 5 ATF Network Credits and NOT 5 SL3 BF Credits...
͹դöӡѺͧ㹵С Broadcom Loaders ͹ ATF 㹡 Authorized ͧ Broadcom The ATF Network
鹷ҹеͧ 5 ôԵ ǹͧ ATF Network ôԵ ôԵ㹡ͤǷͧͧ ôԵ㹡 HASHES 令ӹǹФѺ ԴҹҨ

2. You NEED ATF Network Activation in order to:
ҡҹӡͤǷ ǹͧ ATF Network ǷҹöӧҹǹҧҹѺͧ

a. Authorize Phone
b. Decrypt PM 120 Hashes for BF Unlock
c. Stand Alone Super Dongle RPL Repair
d. Stand Alone SX-4 Authorize

3. You DO NOT NEED ATF Network Activation if you just want to:
ҷҹӡͤǷǹͧ ATF Network ҹöӧҹǹҧҹѺͧ

a. Read FULL NAND Flash Chip and extract files etc...

4. If you Authorize a Broadcom Phone more than 1 time, then you will be charged and charged again and again and again with 5 credits each time.
ҡѹ͹ ͧ  5 ôԵ  ATF NETWORK ͷҹӡ Authorize ͧ  Broadcom

5. Some Broadcom Phones will get stuck when Reading Phone info in Normal Mode. The correct way to do it is to change phone mode to TEST MODE before attempting to Decrypt PM 120 HASHES, Super Dongle Repairs etc...
ͧ Broadcom ҧ Ҩشͤҧͷҹӡմ Ըշ١ͷҹеͧͧ TEST MODE ¡͹ ֧öӧҹء鹵͹

Here is a QUICK way on How to Correct Set a Broadcom Phone into TEST MODE from Normal Mode (RF Inactive) Condition.
鹵͹Ըշ١ͧ㹡 ͧ Broadcom TEST MODE ҡ Normal Mode

a. Put Battery to Phone and Power it On
b. Connect USB Cable and Connect to PC
usb ͧ е ͧҹ
C. Wait while Windows is Installing the Drivers...
Դ driver º
d. Go to ATF Software "Settings" --> "Nokia Settings"
价 ATF "Settings" --> "Nokia Settings"
--> Put a check on "Skip Full Phone Information Sweep for BB5 Phones"
͡ "Skip Full Phone Information Sweep for BB5 Phones"

Ҿ١¹Ҵ Ҵ鹩Ѻ 800x597 and weighs 98KB ͧôҾҴԡ...

e. Go back to "Nokia Service" and click Scan Phone...
ҡ鹡Ѻ价 "Nokia Service" ᡹ͧ

*** Once the phone is detected, you can select "Test" on that DropDown
list on the LEFT SIDE of "Backup RPL" Button. This will make your
Phone enter into TEST MODE....
ҡͧǷҹö͡ Test ҡ˹ ҹҧ ͧ Backup RPL ҡͧͧҹ TEST MODE

Ҿ١¹Ҵ Ҵ鹩Ѻ 800x597 and weighs 136KB ͧôҾҴԡ...

************************************************** ********************************
************************************************** ********************************
************************************************** ********************************

What Else Is New? ͧ Else

N900 FIASCO Flashing has been moved from iTablets into the BB5 Section.
N900 FIASCO ǹͧŪͧ ҡ ǹͧ iTablets 价 BB5
--> Now you can Flash N900 just like any other BB5 Phone... Super EASY!
͹سöŪͧ N900 ͹ͧ BB5
--> The Current MAEMO Flash ENGINE does not support EMMC (VANILLA) Flashing Yet, this will be Ported on the Next Update.
ǹͧ Current MAEMO Flash ENGINE ѧͧѺзӡѾഷ㹤駵

What was Fixed?
1. Infineon Self Test Hang on Exit: FIXED!
ͧ Infineon Self Test
2. Box Activation (Activate New Box) FIXED!


Setool Ѿഷش Setool New Update v1.1204 Released... / ǻЪѹ
Avatorbox Ver 5.812 Fix Update released !! / ǻЪѹ
Ǵǹ MXBOX Ŵͤ SL3 ء HASH / ǻЪѹ
Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung v1.3.7 - added support for GT-E3309, SM-T310 and more! / ǻЪѹ
Miracle box Ѿഷ MIRACLE BOX 1.06 Released 14 March 2011 Discussion Thread / ǻЪѹ
***Gsm Finder Dongle Ver 3.2.0*** / ǻЪѹ

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